Finding Your “Inner Olympian”

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What a month July is. We kick off the summer with its heat, all the fun, sun and frolic and in this spectacular summer we get a big dose of the much anticipated summer Olympics in London. For a few of the really fortunate in our circles, they’ll even be there at the games. Competing on a world stage must be an exhilarating awe inspiring life time dream come to reality achievement, the vast majority of us weekend warriors will never experience. What we can draw upon though is the drive and determination found in those athletes to drive the “inner athlete” with in each of us. The Olympian competes on a world stage, but for us, we still compete, it’s just on a smaller, but yet even more important stage; it’s our stage of life, it’s the stage upon which we are viewed, work and live.

No matter where you may find yourself, no matter the stage of life you are in, or the actual stage you may be on at work, in relationships, at home or at play, everything is simply more enjoyable when you look and feel your best. There is much science supporting fitness training enhancing chemical and physical changes that boost your ability to compete on the life stage. You know you do it, you compete, and you’re a competitor down to your DNA. You hope for the best. You want the best for you and yours, and you are willing to put out effort to achieve it. You want the promotion, the newest car, and the next generation computing device, the bigger home, the coolest shades, the hippest clothes, and the happiest life. The inner Olympian beckons you at every turn, every stage you are on, and every day you wake up. The only difference between you and the London Olympian is the stage and the sacrifice demanded to compete.

Down deep somewhere, innately, we are driven to compete. It is in our genes, in our DNA programming to survive as specie. We have had it “in us” for millennia. Harness it and use it to your advantage to compete at a most fundamental level: how you look, feel and function within your world, your stage. Fitness makes you stronger both mentally and physically and when you have this going for you, YOU are able to compete at higher levels. You’ll be more able to look at the high jump bar you may be facing and say, “Yes, I can clear it.” You’ll be more able to stare down or completely avoid the negative doctor report. You’ll be more able and to attack promotion opportunities, relationships and emotional challenges.

Most importantly, we all are competing for time, and more of it, as we all have an expiration date posted out there somewhere in our futures. Fitness is one of the main combatants of most diseases known to mankind. If we are strong, healthy, and fortunate, we have 70 to 80 good years, perhaps longer. Finding your “Inner Olympian” to compete for your longevity is the biggest gold medal you can win, on any stage. Get out of the starting blocks and go for it. It’s “in you” and YOU CAN win GOLD.

Blake & Gwen Beckcom.

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