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As you roll in to this New Year, you may find yourself in a rut of doing the “same old, same old” when it comes to your fitness and wellness routine. As the temperatures get cooler, climbing on the dreaded treadmill or elliptical machine may seem to be your only options for burning up those extra holiday calories consumed in past weeks. Effective cardio training, though, can include more than your traditional running, biking and swimming. By taking your workout up a notch with high intensity cardio variations, you can jump start your fitness routine so you look better, feel better and perform better in this new year.

As the 2011 holidays came and went, we are now in the “thick” of getting over the added pounds from pumpkin pies, turkey dinners and overscheduled calendars. Today the common fitness theme as we stare down the first quarter of 2012, is fighting the bulge and finding time to squeeze in a workout as the new year really ramps up. Although concentrating on eating in moderation is a key component to weight loss and maintenance, cardio exercises focused on interval training can help combat the belly bounce. Interval training focuses on intense bursts of exercise within your workout that not only jump start your heart rate, but burn body fat quicker as well.The good news for your hectic schedule is that you don’t have to bang out hours on the treadmill to realize the best cardio results for your body. Shorter duration of high intensity exercise can be more beneficial than traditional endurance training. Basic exercise science supports that the harder you work, the more calories you burn every minute you exercise, and high intensity cardio variations additionally speed your metabolism for hours following your workout session.

So, if weight loss/maintenance is your main goal this new year, ditch the treadmill and opt for a more fast and furious workout full of burpees, wind sprints, jump pull ups, and slam balls. Your belly will appreciate it and so will the number on the scale. As we all know, strength and conditioning exercises build muscle. Cardio, when coupled with proper nutrition; however, is the secret weapon to defining and showing off the hours spent in the weight room. To create greater muscle definition in the common “problem” areas (arms, abs, glutes), it is important to incorporate metabolic cardio conditioning to your fitness regimen to unveil your hidden lean and sleek muscles.

When your goal is to build strength and muscle, combining strength training exercises with total body cardio is key to realizing the best results. This type of cardio approach packs a variety of total body movements into your workout that aims to raise your heart rate and maintain the increased level for 5-10 minutes. Some full body cardio exercises include:

  • Mountain climbers
  • Battling ropes
  • Jump squat circuits
  • Burpees
  • Medicine ball slams

These exercises allow you to build more muscle and burn calories, while you to get the most bang for your buck as it relates to time efficient and effective cardio exercises.

Whether your goals are to combat the New Year “belly bounce”, build more muscle or successfully train for an upcoming event, incorporating high intensity cardio into your fitness routine will not only make you feel better and look better, but also perform better in any of your upcoming endeavors. If you need some “boost” in amping up your intensity, give us a call at Fitness Together (619) 794-0014. Follow our blog at betterbodysandiego.com.

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