Application Makes All the Difference

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By Blake Beckcom

You’ve decided, “I’m going to get into shape.” You are motivated, you are determined; you are ready to get after it. There’s no stopping you, this time. A delicious ad for a treadmill appears, and “that’s it,” “I’ll buy a treadmill and use it everyday.” You execute your purchase, obtain delivery and set up your new “get fit now treadmill” and you are off to the races. But wait a minute, “I need some new “get fit clothes.” So, you go out and buy the newest whisk away sweat, svelte trendy outerwear. Heck, just trying on the stuff makes you feel tighter, and fit. “I feel good” you exclaim as you look in the mirror at your new fitness attire. At first you’re so excited because you’re going to get in shape! You get the chart out, you go on the internet, find the exercises and you get a routine and you get all that stuff prepared. You have the equipment and the clothes, but up to that point, are you any more fit or healthy? No. Because application makes all the difference!

Now, for some, your exercise equipment has evolved into, like, a clothes hanger hasn’t it? You’ve got clothes hanging on the rails of your treadmill, boxes on the tread, and dust in most places. Simply buying the exercise equipment was kind of a fitness experience. There was euphoria of “I’m going to get into shape,” but what you discovered was that owning exercise equipment doesn’t do it. Because, application makes all the difference. It’s in the doing, the consistent doing that gets one in shape.

Have you ever purchased a book on a specific diet you plan to go on? You bought the diet book, you started reading and understanding and highlighting. You’re so excited, you have that feeling again of “I’m going to get into shape” and you go to your pantry and throw a bunch of stuff out. You might have even gone to a health food store and bought some healthy foods. You’re moving in the right direction, but having read the book and having cleaned out your pantry…have you made any REAL progress yet? No. Because, application makes all the difference. Buying the stuff, committing to the stuff, believing in the stuff, paying your bills for the stuff, intending to get into shape, telling your friends about your plans, doesn’t do any good, if you don’t apply it.

How do you beat “application blues”? Set your alarm clock 15 minutes earlier to create needed “me time.” Make “fitness appointments” in your day planner just like any other important priority appointment you have. Use short term, daily and weekly goals as motivators. Write them down, place them somewhere visible and refer to them often. You told your friends about your plan, so have one of them hold you accountable to what you said you’d do. Weigh yourself once a week against your weight loss plan, and don’t get discouraged, it takes time. Create and receive self rewards along the journey, when key fitness goals are met. Laugh at you. You are not the only one with clothes, boxes and dust on your fitness stuff. Clean it all off, reinvigorate and get going. You can!

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